Kid’s Play Tent Ideas for Parties

Although they bring joy and fulfillment to our lives, kids can also be quite a handful, especially when you’re trying to do something. They constantly need to find ways to entertain themselves and can be quite chaotic while trying to find suitable activities.

While generally, this isn’t a problem, it can be when there’s work being done on the house like roof repairs, kitchen renovations, or other home improvement projects. This can cause potential accidents to both the workers and the kids.

Therefore, it’s best that your kids are preoccupied with activity while there’s work being done on the house. One way of keeping your kids sufficiently entertained for hours is through a play tent party.

3 Ideas for Kids’ Play Tents Parties

While there are many play tents available for sale in toy stores, you can stimulate your kids’ creativity by creating one with ordinary things in your house like blankets, curtains, tablecloths, or pillows.

Here are some ideas of how you can use these items for your kids’ play tents or forts:

  1. Sheet/Blanket Tent

Materials Needed: Blanket or bedsheet, piece of rope or clothesline, clothespins (optional)

This is the most common type of DIY tent you can do and it can be done both inside and outside the house. It also has the added bonus of being able to use existing items in your household.

For indoors, all you need to do is tie the rope around two pieces of furniture such as the backs of chairs. After which, drape the blanket or bedsheet over the rope. You can then stretch each end of the sheet so it makes a triangular shape and so that there’s enough room inside. You can secure the sheet onto the rope with the clothespins and the ends with something heavy like books.

For outdoors, you can tie the rope around two trees and drape the sheet/blanket over it. Stretch each end as well and secure with something heavy like rocks.

  1. Tablecloth Fort

Materials Needed: Large tablecloth (preferably reaching the floor), dining table

Kids have a tendency to crawl under the table so why not utilize your dining table and create a fort for them?

All you need is a long tablecloth that preferably reaches the floor and your dining table and your kids’ imaginations will do the rest.

However, make sure to clean underneath the table first!

  1. Cardboard Fort

Materials Needed: Large piece of cardboard, scissors or box cutters, packing tape

If you’ve done home improvement projects, then chances are you also got some new furniture and appliances to go with the new look. These come in large cardboard boxes that you typically just throw away. Why not recycle it and use it to entertain your kids?

Just cut out some windows and an entrance with scissors or box cutters and you have yourself a cardboard fort. You can even tape up the flaps to make a roof.

A cardboard fort has the added bonus of being collapsible and easy to store after use. Not only will your kids enjoy it, but it will also stimulate your own creativity and resourcefulness as well.


Kids are an imaginative and creative bunch. Give them an enjoyable activity that stimulates their creativity and imagination and they can remain entertained for hours on end. They will even improve on the original concept and you’ll end up thinking that you should’ve thought of that as well.

One of such activities are play tents or forts; they can be set up either indoors or outdoors. Set up one for your kids and their friends and have a tent party that will both keep them sufficiently entertained for hours and out of your way while you’re busy.

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