5 Tips to Stop Fear of Clowns

Is your child afraid of clowns? Being a staple for many horror movies, clowns got some bad reputation due to it. With many scary clowns in the media being used to scare kids, most clowns nowadays have children scared of them.

However, should there be a reason to be scared of clowns? The answer is no. Due to their portrayal in media, most clowns are losing their job or have to make do without their normal clown costume. To stop that fear, we have to teach our children to stop being afraid of clowns.

Here are some tips to make sure your child won’t be afraid of clowns anymore.

Be Realistic

Tell your kids that the monster in horror movies is not a threat. By telling them stories of what clowns really do, you are helping them get over their fear of clowns.

Don’t Be Scared of Clowns Too

Most parents tend to be anxious when talking about their child’s phobia. However, the children will see that anxiety and get scared in the process as well. To make sure that they won’t be scared of clowns, you must remain calm and lead by example to your child.

Tell Them That Other People Are Scared of Clowns Too

Make sure that your children hear that there are other people like them with the same fear. However, you can also add how some of those people have gotten over their fear and are not scared of clowns anymore. Show them that they are not alone in what they feel.

Analyze the Horror Movie

There’s a big chance that your child might be scared of clowns due to horror movies. Make sure to examine horror movies first and make sure that it is kid-friendly so your child can watch it. Avoid horror movies that portray clowns in a bad light.

Be With Them

If they are going out during Halloween, they might encounter someone in a scary clown costume. Being with them means that you can assure that the person they saw is simply just a man in a costume.

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